Hello all,

I bought this switch at GC today http://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss-FS-5L-Footswitch---Latching-100085417-i1134195.gc

I wanted to use it to switch between the clean and lead channels. I installed new batteries (LED lights up). I plugged it in to the right outlet on the back of the amp via an instument cable. I depressed the channel button on the amp (per the directions). Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

Any ideas?

Return it and get this. That's what I use with my C-30, switches both the channels and reverb, and doesn't require batteries.
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You need a 2 button switch.
I use the boss FS-6.

However, I know from experence that the vox switch will work as well, and is alot cheaper.
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I finally got around to getting a Vox VFS-2 but all is still not well

* I have the switch plugged in all the way.
* Button one does nothing.
* Button two switches channels.

Did I get a bad switch or could it be my amp?
are you sure it doesnt turn the reverb off? turn the reverb up all the way, then hit your amp lightly. you should hear the reverb tank go crazy. kinda a cool sound IMO, but thats besides the point. then click the switch and repeat the light hit. you shouldnt hear the tank. or if the reverb started off, it would be the other way around. it should be working, and i cant think of any reason why it wouldnt be if it is plugged in all the way.
So, would this pedal work exactly the same way with a valveking?

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