I need help finding out something.
Okay so whoever has the new Thrice Album, The alchemy index volumes 3 and 4,

in the booklet, in the earth section, first page,
there is a word on the coffin.

it is either, Quadrelia
or Qvadrelia,
not so sure, cause its in the shape of a V but I remember seeing that being a u sometimes.

so could someone tell me what/who Quadrelia, or Qvadrelia is?

(ive googled, nothing really popped out)
it looks like Qvadrelia..im not sure what it means..it might be another language or some words clumped together like vheissu
I think quadrelia is Italian for quadrille (square dance). So I'm guessing by the picture he's digging his grave and dancing with death?