My band members and I have been practicing together for a while, and I was wondering, if a song is, say hard on each individual instrument, would it be harder to play together? For instance, we want to start trying really insane songs that will bow peoples minds, like Free Bird and other songs that will challange us to play better as a band. We all practice hard at home, but will we need to step up our band practices as well when we start to learn harder songs?
Absolutely. When your respective parts are simpler you have a lot of free brain to concentrate on what everyone else is doing as well as being in time, any small changes in rhythm, etc. If you're all playing tricky parts though, you really have to make sure that you have your timing, rhythm, and structure down so that you can free your brain up to listen to the other guys without getting lost in your own part. The only way to do that is to spend a lot of time practicing the song as a band until the timings and rhythm become almost second nature