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i just set my guitar on fire and it ends up sounding pretty badass

if hendrix and zappa did it, it's good enough for us.

i do the same.

but when i don't feel like a brush in with the fire marshall, i use a crappy pedal i bought at target, it actually sounds pretty good.

just try em ou tat a local music store, or set your guitar on fire while you play.
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Peavey 5150.

Is an amp.

Try a Metal Muff. Versatile, it is.
Ds-1 will get you close to a kill'em all tone because its based off the Rat. Which was used on that album.

Metal Muff i could get close to Master of Puppets but still to buzzy and thin.

Metal zone is junk way to tinny and to much feedback...
I'm throwing myself on the Metal Muff wagon.

I've tried the DS-1, for me it did not really give that raw distortion.
Har nånn egentli vorri langt sjøl om bestemt sæ for å bruk t å me gå å vill å gjør sjå mer lik?
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Is an amp.

Try a Metal Muff. Versatile, it is.

speak like Yoda, you do.

+1 on the Metal Muff, its probably one of the best metal distortion pedals for under $100. I've played one but i wasnt going for the Metallica sound, but im sure you can do it, it is pretty versitile.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
When oh when will people realize that this equation is not true. Random Guitar A + Random Amp B + off the shelf Stompbox = whichever classic tone. These bands spends thousands and thousands of "insert preferred currency here" to get their sound. its not as simple as an off the shelf pedal.

Please please stop trying to be someone else and think "oo i wonder what MY tone is". then get your gear together head to a shop and try some pedals.
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Peavey 5150.

someone has amp turrets
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Shreadhead22 had nothing helpful to say to me. He just immediatly started being a prick.

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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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