So you feel a little shagged?
You feel a little bit fagged?
Your feeling a little fasched,
Then its time to dash

Your becoming a little bit mad,
They say its funny but its really pretty sad.
When your stuck to your bed,
The story becomes he said she said

Well you know, we all got problems
So what?
It was just a punch in the gut
Then clear the smut
And celebrate your problems

Time to clean it up little girl
Your looking a bit frail and frill
You’ve again fell to the underbelly
And your eyes are sorta bloody


Middle Eight :
Your arms may be steel, but so is your head
Your ridiculous hunger has been more than fed
Life isn't the most ludicrous feat
And you know the world isnt me

Your knicked up pretty well
Probably because of how many you fell
I can hear nothing but ego and conceit
But now you must take a seat

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