Ok so I am a rather efficient guitar player amongst others, and I am currently going back and building my chops, the thing I am having most difficulty with is the tapping, not like your very basic tapping, ex. VanHalen, I mean the Vai tapping, string jumping and insane scalular tapping, any suggestions on how to further master this, and if anyone can throw in any chops or lessons that would be great! Thanks folks.
It isn't really a technique that needs a whole lot of explaining, except that dampening the strings near the nut (with a sock or anything really that can be placed around the neck and across the strings lightly) will help quiet any open string problems you'll have when doing the string skipping or 8 finger tapping runs.

The main point here could be that you need to take the licks that you want to learn, get them fully memorized, and play them as slowly as the most difficult part of the piece requires to sound PERFECT.
If you screw it up, start over or slow it down.
Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat....and then when you are done with that, repeat some more.
Pretty soon you'll be a pro at the shape and can jump about 50 bpm, and then, of course, you start repeating again until you can "level up" so to speak.

In the end, mastering crazy tapping techniques is more about your knowledge of scales, shapes, and their relations within music to what you are playing, than anything else.

Sorry if that's a bit difficult to read, but my organizational writing skills are low today for some reason.