Hey which one of these amps would be better for rock. Like GnR, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and maybe some Mettalica? Im looking for a good reliable amp that i won't have to replace. Either a Marshall JCM 800 2204 (not re-issue) head or a Orange Rocker 30 head?

Thanks for the help
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JCM 800. but i'm sure the Rocker 30 doesn't fall far behind
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Jcm 800.
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one problem with jc800 is its 1 channel but 1 problem with rocker 30 no effects loop but they bought are comparible in tone if I were you I would look at rocker 50 if you are already looking to spend this tipe of money get something with 2 channels and a effects loop or your best bet out of the options two jcm800s and a/b switch them that would be perfect.
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rocker 30 has an amazing midrange and crunch

you cant go wrong with an orange
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