Hey guys when I play fast I have trouble moving my pinky off the fret fast. For example playing 17 18 19 20 at 100bpm in 16th notes say. My pinky cant move off the 20 when I am descending fast enough and thus my ring finger hits it and i dont get a clean sound.

Any tips? Just practice? Thanks!
Slow it right down. You probably need to build some more strength in your pinky, and the best way to do that is by playing slow. Think of it like lifting weights - you wouldn't try and build strength by benching 20lbs as fast as possible and it's the same for your fingers.

Try this exercise - it has made drastic improvements in my pinky mobility over. Play it as eighth notes at 40-50bpm up and down the neck three times without a break. Should start to see improvements within 3-4 weeks


continue onto the B and e strings, then run it backwards.  Move up a half step and repeat up and down the neck three times.
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when you watch tv or something, grab your guitar and do trills with your ring/pinky everywhere on the fretboard. or just do it as a warmup. sometimes you just need to work it out with brute force
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