That show is amazing. Unfortunately I have not seen it recently, nor can I remember any quotes...
Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It's about a meatball, a milkshake, and fries. And they talk.

It's really, really, really, really weird ****.

REALLY weird ****.

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I can't relate to the never ending games you play.
"...so it's basically just a screw?"
"So, can't they just buy another screw or, like, shove a pencil in the hole or something?"

Best line in the whole movie.
My name is shake-zula
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the old schoolah,
You want a trip, I'll bring it to yah.

*Complete the rest*
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I voted 9, cause I would only let my mum give me a handjob...

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SathiaSun for president

Un-Banned! Boy, does it feel great to be back.
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I used to like the show but after seeing how terrible the movie was I vowed to myself never to watch the show again.
I used to watch ATHF religiously. It's started to suck recently though. The movie was atrocious.
Good show.
Adult Swim shows I also like are, Venture Bros, Stroker and Hoch(sp), The Boondocks, and Harvy Birdman.
Broodwich is the greatest episode ever.

"Hey! You the guy who keeps telling me to BEWARE? Cause I'll tell you where to be... outta my sight!"
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haha You pwned an entire website....i bow down...

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Broodwich is the greatest episode ever.

"Hey! You the guy who keeps telling me to BEWARE? Cause I'll tell you where to be! Know what I'm sayin'?"

Yes! That is my all time favorite quote. Broodwich is easily my favorite episode next to the one that first introduces Happy Time Harry.

"Sometimes, I like to take this knife and just cut myself..."
I used to watch it. I remember this time-travelling christmas cyborg chicken terminator that had some kind of epic story of barbarian "Santa of Claws". Kickass stuff. I heard the Mastodon song they did in the movie. Face-melting stuff.
"you cannot SIIINNNGG like us carl"
"you suck carl"

the show is so funny
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I fell several hundred feet, and hit the ground, and then Batman appeared. He said "You gotta press the Y Button to fly." Then I woke up.
For the love of all that is holy:

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I've seen every episode because I love that show.
The one with Zakk Wylde and Geddy Lee was pretty funny, and anything with the mooninites is great.

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"you cannot SIIINNNGG like us carl"
"you suck carl"

LOL that one is hilarious! Carl just 'sings' the guitar part of The Ocean

"Cut off your nipples Carl"
"Okay now what"
"That's for throwing that battery at my head!"

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Didn't you say that you had a stuffed fox that you would occasionally fuck?

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It's not a fox,it's a wolf.
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"you....me.....tonight.......im gonna rape you...." haha
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