could it be possible to have two guitarist and two drums play solos and make it sound fantastic lol
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that's not a solo bro, that's called a band rockin out.
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Judging by the question "can two people solo at the same time", I'm guessing you're the drummer?
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Solo = Play/sing lead or alone
Improvise = Bunch of notes in a blender

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just to actually answer you're question maybe if they played the exact same solo the exact same time it would really sound cool
Call it a duet then. The name of it doesn't matter. What TS wants to know is whether it would work to have to guitars playing what would be considered solos if played alone. The answer is yes, however, it is going to be much harder than one solo would be, as they need to compliment eachother, and it is difficult to coordinate them (especially with the drummer "soloing")
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Listen to the way the guitar and drums blend together in "Stairway to Heaven." There are cool little drum fills while the guitar sustains notes.

listen to live versions of freebird.

im not saying this just cuz i love freebird, but at the end they usually just jam out playing random stuff for like 4 minutes.
at sometimes the rhythm guitar drops out and starts playing leads to, and there are three guitarists "soloing"at the same time
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Check out Reach Down by Temple of the Dog. Two guitars sharing a guitar "solo" for about five or six minutes. Don't remember how long the solo lasts, but it's a while. It's pretty cool.
Listen to the bridge in "No reason to live" by Chimaira