to be honest those things look **** ugly, and they look like they weight like 50 pounds, but I might be wrong

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$400 for an agathis body? Umm...no.
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the platinum mockingbirds are the only decent bc rich guitar but still not worth the price IMO
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Definitely not.
BC Rich's blow, until you get up to the higher end stuff.
I got an NJ Neck Thru Mockingbird, which I'm really happy with.
For $400, you could get some much better guitars.
Look into Schecter and Ibanez.

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for alittle evetra you could get one o fthese, i played on in the uk not so long ago but i loved it
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Honestly, I think $4C could get you a nicer Mockingbird, if you shopped around. Email Larry or Francine at www.beatstreetmusic.com and see what they have.
I picked up a "Special-X" Mockingbird at a Guitar Center for only $50 more, and it is substantially nicer, observe: