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I had quit smoking for a few months before I injured my hand at work. It's pretty bad, I can't play guitar (haven't touched one in months) and it hurts like hell. Sucks it's the hand I write with too.

I started smoking cigs again out of frustration over not being able to do what I love most of all. Since it's my dominant hand I pretty much can only watch tv, smoke pot, and drink.

Recently my friend turned me on to WoW. After hearing how consuming it can be I figured it was worth a try. I've become so addicted to the game that I've decided to go back on the patch and quit smoking once and for all.

I'm going to use the money I save from not buying cigarettes on my monthly WoW subscription.

Now if only me fookin' hand would heal so I can play guitar...
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


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Soon you'll have no interest in guitar. By dropping one habit, you've picked another up, which, may I add, is equally as dirty.
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Its sad that I think pot is better than both WoW and smoking cigs but hey whatever floats your boat
WoW is cool as long as you got nothing better to do. I love playing, and I got nothing to do, so I'm happy :p
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Yeah, exactly. Good job on kicking smoking, but don't get addicted to WoW. And yes, WoW can kill you. I'm pretty sure there was a guy who died from playing too much WoW and forgetting to eat/sleep. Or, maybe that was a guy playing Star Craft...
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dewd, im working on my third 70.

buuut, I just got a job and am probably going to sell my account.

from experience: get out now.

Wow is like a relationship, you get all infatuated and addicted in the beginning, but as time goes you realize how annoying and pissed off it makes you, and you want out.

Find a productive hobby and quick.
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Sounds like you have an addiction-prone personality. At least WoW abuse will only ruin your eyes.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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WoW is worst than cigarretes..

True fact


weird thing is that i usually smoke way more cigs when i play video games. but hey, if that works for you good for you. i wish i could kick the habbit that easily. too bad i like them too much
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^^Try it this way: every time you smoke a cig, go play your guitar. Then if you don't kick the habit at least you'll become a mad shredder.
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grats, now get something that will help you kick WoW.

Exactly. Now you're going to have to start crystal meth or something to kick your WoW addiction, then to kick that you'll have to start cutting yourself, and to kick that you'll have to start doing heroin. Trust me, just quit WoW as well.
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Not surprised. WoW is like heroin.

I don't even like it and I leveled a warrior 14 levels in 6 hours.

My friend told me I couldn't level 60 in 2 months. Not being one to back down from a bet, I just finished purchasing a subscription.

Going to be a long month.
60 in two months is easy. If you know what you're doing/get a guide and have nothing to do for a week you can get it easily.
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believe me I want nothing more than to be able to play my guitar again. but until I can WoW is a great alternative. And to the guy who asked how I roll spliffs w/ one hand; I don't.

Bong bong bong bong.
...because the last thing the world needs is another metal guitarist.


My band.

I like Fall Out Boy. I don't like you.
I smoke cigarettes while playing WoW.
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lung cancer > being a nerd


yeah, whatever works...

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WoW may be worse...
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effects of cigarettes: General lung/throat problems, makes you look cool

effects of WoW: Makes you super fat, annoying, unsocial, makes u say things like "unber l33t mate" in real conversation... (if u ever have one once u start), makes you uncool...

WoW is worse
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For me it was different. WoW ****ed my life up. I'd spend countless hours a day on it. Then I picked up a guitar and eventually kicked WoW away.
no just a little black tar heroin for the wow, and you should be all fixed up....
I have no opinion on this matter.
I could never get addicted to wowand trust me i've tried three times.
Can i remind you of the Cookie Monster in rehab Family Guy thing? Yea, now replace cookies with WoW and that will be you in a couple of months. At least ciggs are somewhat socially accepted and make you look older and whatnot.
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I play WoW when I feel like it, which probably means that I'm not addicted. I haven't played in a few weeks, and I even bought the Battlechest just for the hell of it. WoW is cool if you got friends to play with and is strong of will... or from time to time have something better to do. People that get addicted I believe is just low on willpower, or lack social skills, and the latter is not really an excuse, it's just the same as the first as I see it.
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Now instead of smoking, you'll just have no social life, no prospects (except getting to level 70, and once it happens, you'll realize you wasted a shitload of your life on something pointless, or you'll start a new character and repeat), and no job.
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at least WoW wont kill u :/

WoW is the leading cause of death in Internet Cafes.
WoW is incredibly addicting, and not even that fun. I played for like two years... stopped about 1.5 years ago and won't ever go back. It's as bad as any addiction. And how can u even play properly with only one functioning hand?
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my friends keep trying to get me to play, they'll never get me alive.
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wow is worse than cigs
you should just kept smoking pot, and cigs
and not play wow
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