So ive been planning on getting another delay pedal in my chain along with my DL-4 as i am an avid fan of bands like minus the bear who use 5 delay pedals. I was wondering if you guys on ug could point me in the right direction on a second pedal. worst come to worst i will be getting another dl4.
thanks in advance!
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id say get something that is pretty different from your dl-4, just for the variation. something analog would be good. then the dl-4 could be for your longer delays and stuff with tap tempo, then the new pedal will be more for subtle stuff and adding depth. i really like my ibanez ad-9 for that kind of thing. also check out the new mxr carbon copy and the ehx stereo memory man (or deluxe memory man). i really think that adding a completly different delay pedal will help your sound more than getting 2 of the same pedal.
hmm that sounds like a good option. and much cheaper. but the reason why i was interested in another dl4 was so i could use the DL4's effects and use the looper in the second one. that can be achieved with a looper but i also wanted to mix different delays to get some sweet sounds. anyways thats just my own reasoning.
anyone have anymore opinions?
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