Well, my first time playing with someone who is worse then me at guitar. The people I usually jam with are good enough to play melodies over my riffs and chords, and they are good enough to play rhythm while I wank some scales.

I was wondering what I could do to make my friend feel more involved in the music rather then me telling him what to play and me playing over it. I've taught him some basic theory, scales, and modes but he couldn't pull a progression out of the air unless he thought about it for a while.

Any tips? I want this to be more of a jam session then a practice session. I've thought about just playing some covers but their not as fun.
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Just teach him the 12 bar blues in like every key, for now.
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well you can teach him some simple songs like wild thing or a 3-chord rock song and hopefully he'll be able to start figuring out chord progressions and rhythms on his own after a bit. It might not be the most fun learning other artists' songs, but it'll help your friend with developing his own playing skills and style.
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Just teach him the 12 bar blues in like every key, for now.

If hes a beginner this would be the best for him. 12 bar was the first thing i learned a very good intro into any kind of lead he might want to play
Can someone point me in the direction of "12 bar blues in every key"?

I thought I knew how to play it but I must only know 1 key! (I learned the one from the beginner lessons on guitar.about.com: http://guitar.about.com/library/weekly/aa112100c.htm

Guess that's the A scale? (uses E A and D)
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