loool i think ur thinkin of truss rod

its a iron pole through the center of the guitar neck, helps keep it straight, stop warping etc etc
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it tensions the neck to counteract the tension of the strings. Many people think it is to strengthen the neck, not so. Many people also think it stops the neck warping, again, not so - it is simply there to adjust the amount of bow or relief that a neck has.

all guitar necks, despite looking flat, have a small amount of bow in them, this allows you to play the guitar without the srings buzzing on the frets. Sometimes the amount of relief (bow) will increase because of constant temperature changes, or a change in string gauge or somtimes just with age.

you adjust the truss rod to counter these changes, and keep the amount of relief at its optimum level.

it does NOT have anything to do with stopping the neck warping!


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