Such a waste, I hope you enjoyed your short stay.

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Professional Tracking, Mixing and Mastering available.
Available for live sound, consultation and rig/ system designing in and around the Montreal, CA area.
PM for details.

Past clients/ credits include: The Catalyst, Click! and Alain Caron.
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New to UG, like the site so far.just came into the forum. even though i havnt posted much ive been looking around and i like it. after bowsing i noticed theres a lot of people from the UK here, and i just want to help out some people by telling you about a british website i use a little. although im sure itl help somme people from America too. its http://www.electricguitarforums.co.uk
Anyway, my first question is, how do I set up a guitar? i wuz told to go to a teknician, but I wana do it myself.


How come your grammar is so horrible in just that one sentance?

and you can't link to other forums

I hope you enjoyed your short stay here at ultimate-guitar.com

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