There's a question I was posed today, amongst a group of my girlfriend's friends.

What effect would viagra have on a girl?
None? some? I figured it do something, since a girl's clit is kinda considered to be a mini penis or whatever.
But then i'm not entirely sure how viagra works with males, since I'm don't need it. So I could be completely off.

Anyway, does the pit know the answer?

And please, don't post stupid things. I know I have aids, i should spread it for teh lulz, and all that ****, but just don't. Unless it's appropriate. But answering this main post with a stupid **** answer isn't.
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The clit will get larger and harder until it forms into a fully erect penis.
Then the stimulation of its growth will cause her to orgasm.
The semen will have no where to go
except for inside of her
And so she will impregnate herself
But the baby, only having half the amount of necessary chromosomes
Will be a retard.
He will one day grow up
and go on an internet forum board
and ask a bunch of random people
What effect would viagra have on a girl?

Lets have a sexy partay!

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Viagra works by simply increasing blood flow, and as you probably know the penis becomes erect when blood flows into it. Doctors have actually used viagra, in experimantal cases at least, to treat patients with problems relating to bad blood flow.
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Viagra widens the blood vessels. The erection thing is purely a side effect of that.
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