one of my pick ups is not working so im going to open it up to see if it just needs a wire re attached or something. however, there is no way to open it up?! theres nothing to unscrew on the back, its all just one big peice of wood. does anyone know how?
there should be some screws around the pick up that you'll be able to get up and pull the pickup out a bit.
You will find that working on hollow body guitars isnt any fun. Its done thru the sound holes with long pliers etc. And dont drop anything inside it isnt easy to get it back out.
Take the strings off, and unscrew the mounting rings, and then the pickup will come out, but as said, the wiring is done through the body ( obviously can't put your hands into it :p, which is pretty inaccessible.
Make sure you don't have the volume on 0 or something stupid like that, so you don't bother pulling your guitar apart.