Okay, so just to quickly fill everyone in:

I have an Ibanez RG120 that I've had for a long time. I decided just recently I wanted a major upgrade, so as I can have something nice, without worrying about dishing out more money later on for more upgrades. A kid I know coincidently came up to me just recently and said he knew I played guitar and asked if I wanted his S Series Ibanez, because he hasn't played for over a year now and doesn't want it anymore.

I'd like to know if anyone can tell me the specific model of it.
Unfortunately, I haven't checked it out, yet.
I want to know about it, first, and then he's going to let me borrow it for a week.

pretty sure thats an S470. The S series are great guitars as ithey are both great sounding and very comfortable to play (in any position). I own and S470DXQM in Viking Red and im pleased with it in every way possible as its very versatile. I would strongly recommend trying it out. Now that i play Sabers i cant go back to any other guitars lol
If there's no 'Prestige' on the headstock, just the 'tick' through the Ibanez logo, then that's an S470. They are amazing guitars. Very, very popular on UG. Even stock, they have great sound, necks are beautifully thin and the mahogany bodies are so thin you can forget you're wearing it. Definitely recommended, and I've never seen an S-Series in that kind of silver.
If it's not an S470, check the back of the headstock. The model number should be above the serial number. But it looks good. I bet when you try it out, you won't be able to put it down. I've had my S470 since February, and it is truly the best guitar I have ever played.
When trying it out, I don't think there's even something you'd need to check - the ZR tremolo is amazingly stable (if properly set up) and suffers none of the problems associated with the good ol' Edge III, and guitar is solidly built and is not known to have any mechanical problems. One of the best semi-pro guitars for the money.


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