i recently changed to 12 guage from 10s thinking it would be better for drob B but i cant get the same sounding pinches , like i cant make them skeal very high is this the strings? and is there anything that will improve the sound of the pinches like a pedal or something?
i wanna get a Bring me the horizon kinda sound i was thinking a BOSS ML2 Metalcore pedal?
well if you are tuning to B they wont be as high cause your strings are tuned down 2 and 1/2 steps. the feel is different you just have to get used to t, i used 9's forever (i play a 7 string so theirs no need to downtune) and then i started using 10's and 11's and loved em, but i still had to slightly change the way i play, just keep playing em and it'll come naturally

and a compressor or higher gain distortion will help bring em out more
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yer but when i was on 10s i still played b but i could get a higher pitch to em and no matter how hard i bend the 12s it doesnt go no higher
Changing the string gauge and dropping the tuning are both going to affect your intonation. Since the fret scale is designed for standard tuning you might never achieve perfect intonation but adjusting the length of the strings should help a bit.