Hey people,

I am playing bass for a while now. And I have no idea what to play. I like to play hard things, so I have to do something. I just have to accomplish a tab
Does anyone have suggestion?
I like to play funky bass/regular/rock and for other suggestions it's fine also.
Xanadu by Rush. Featuring the great Geddy Lee. Pay attention to his articulation, it's more important than you think. Set your mind to it, and it will be very rewarding.
Don't like long songs? Look into some The Who. My Generation features a great solo by the late John Entwistle, or find a recording and tab of Naked Eye or Squeeze Box for a fun shuffle song. Key in to his really bright style as a bassist.
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You could always try Free's version of "Mr Big" where the bass turns into the lead instrument on the solo. Pretty amazing stuff. Even better when you consider their bassist was a teenager at the time.

But don't try Mr Big's version of "Free" though
the best thing i could suggest is getting into some ska and learning walking bass lines....fun as ****