right I've gotten what appears to be an abeline... ugh... I'm not even sure, it's on my profile. but anyways, I'm looking to refinish and possibly mod it a bit. The first thing I'd like to point out here is that...
Only one minor flaw:
When doing a dive bomb (dropping the sucker ALL THE WAY) the strings have a tendency to go a little sharp after ward (about 2-3 cents).
That and the guitar has NO NOISE whatsoever . So any mods you suggest, don't bother with locking tuners or anything to do with noise reduction. Paint? show me anything you've got. Once I start doing a few things I'll post some pictures.

Edit: sorry, wasn't clear there was I? it has no fuzz or feadback. The pickups work great. I just wanted to point out that I didn't want to change them, they weren't a problem at all.
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im redoing my guitar at the moment. it takes a long time mind!!!
1st, varnish/paint stripper. get it back 2 wood.
2nd, sand it into shape but npot too much (im making the edges on my warlock really sharp). woodfilla in dents and scratches, sand it so its even
3rd 5 coats of primer
4th 7 coats of paint (u can take it to a car mod shop 2 get it resprayed, or do it urself with car paint. practice spraypaintin 1st tho on old bits of wood etc).
5 layers of laqueur

as 4 da other probs you got i dunno, change pickups maybe? ask around. i got a guitar tech in college i gotta track dwn lol but he knows wot hes doin u know?

websites help big time, bradsucks.com projectguitar.com diyguitarist.com

umm there were loads i knew but jus type it in on google

hope i helped write bak an tell me how u got on
yeah I got the other problems sorted. The main thing I want to do is refinish it/paint it and anything else people suggest is just ideas to play with.
Thanks for the steps man.
yeah I was thinking about that too. wasn't sure quite what it was called. hahaha. ah well. But yeah, that'll definately be on the "to do" list of the land of "my next paycheck".
now there's something I haven't considered.... how would I go about that and what's the price range?
hmm... I'm having some interesting ideas now... bound to be disasterous I'm sure. but what the hell. I'm crazy enough.

how's this sound, pull the guts out of a destortion/fuzz pedal, cut some out of the body, jam it in and hook it out via the same switch set up as a kill switch (yes I'll be putting one of those in as well)
oh and aaron6890, I think I'll do your LED idea from before as well just for kicks. (hope to god the damn lights don't die on me too fast, hahaha.)

EDIT: That and I'll be putting some kind of locking on the tuners so that won't be an issue either.