I'm planning to install this Kerry King EMG 81/85 Set in my Epiphone G-400 Deluxe. I have as few questions-
1.How do I install the switch, and if I do, will I need to drill any holes in my guitar for the switch to come through?
2. Do I wire the pickups to both the volume & tone controls, or only one?

Thanks for helping.
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I brought my electric to school w/ no amp and started playing it, and some guy was like "I can barely hear it, and it doesn't sound all cool. I think it's a fake guitar"

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Whoa whoa....you haven't bought it yet, have you? Active EMGs are not a good investment if you only play through an SS amp.

Why is that?
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Why is that?

They have a higher output designed to drive a tube amp. They won't really do that on an SS amp. I've also heard that they make them clip sometimes. I'm not sure of that last one though. Its not that they can't be used with an SS amp they just will sound better through a tube amp.
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Why is that?

Because they will most likely sound like ass.

Actually, they WILL sound like ass. They're Kerry King EMG pickups.
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Why is that?

Mostly, yes, it's because they're designed to drive the front end of a tube amp hard.

However, I say it's not a wise investment as well because he's only playing through a practice amp - one that isn't that good, even. If he's looking to improve his tone, he should be putting his money towards something that'll make a bigger difference, or towards something that'll make a positive difference.