ima thinking about modding my guitar, yano, better pickups and all that.

what could i do to my ibanez to make it sound better and overall qualityy better?
New Pickups?

whats your amp?

EDIT: [delete]new pickups?[delete]

What styles you play?
Well there' pickups, new pots and switches, new tuners.
Not sure which one yours is but if it's the one with the locking tremolo then you could change that to an OFR, Edge, Edge pro, ZR, Schaller, whatever fits best.
You could re-paint it and during that give it a contour on the cutaway and maybe a contoured heel (if it's square and not AANJ).

That would make it a good guitar, hell just the trem and pickups would but tuners would be helpful (even if there's a locknut cos it's about ease when tuning up over keeping it in tune also)

Kurapica (I think that's his username) still uses his GRG as a gigging guitar along with his Ibanez PGM301 and a fender tele I believe. So before anyone says "Don't bother" it IS worth it

Also yeah, your amp MAY need to be better, good pickups add less to the tone than a good amp.
But good amp or not the trem could do with a change.
i was looking into doing all this stuff, but then i couldnt be botherd lol
so i went looking around into some guitar shops yesterday, (Steven James Guitars) and it had alot of the higher end ibanezs, gibson les pauls and all like yano, the good stuff haha!
so i thought, wel if i leave my ibanez as it comes, sell it as it is and get some more money together over the year, then why not just buy a higher end guitar instead of having to mod one?

but what i think il do is depending on how fast i can get the money will depend on what i do with my guitar

Punk_Ninja, thanks for your advice, it helped alot
i think if i do anything to it, il just give it some kick ass paint job and some new pickups

my amp only a beginner one its a marshall MG15, i thinks? haha
If this is your amp you should probably look for a new amp first, a "higher end" combo would push the quality of your sound much more than just putting in new pick-ups in a "low guitar"! Ofc Pickups would improve your sound, but as I think and it may be a rule for some more guys here Sound 70-80% Amp 20-30% Guitar, maybe even a higher percentage for the amp, think about it! I´ve got a Marshall Combo@home which cost about 400€ :

Maybe that would be more senseful, I hope i could help ya
~ so far
^If he already has an MG, why would he get a BIGGER one?? Same bad sound but louder. You should probably look into getting a better amp first. Maybe a small tube amp. Epi Valve Junior maybe.
hm not truly the same sound realy not the same sound i had both my first and second amp and it´s a totaly different level imho=/ tube amp would be an opportunity anyways, u r right, but mb a bit more expensive to get a good tube amp?
imaa do that then
any recomendations on amps for just around the house?
biggest 30W?