Okay, ive been playing guitar for about a year and a half now. In the past, 2 months, ive gotten a teacher and started studying my own bits of theory. At the moment on guitar, ive just learnt the 5 BASIC fingeres for the major and minor scale, modes,a bit of songwriting etc.., My aim is to learn the fingerings in each key, be able to go up and down the neck, and make something of it rather than just running up the scale. Basically i just want to know whether this practice will see me progress. At the moment im doing about an hour a day, some days more, More on weekends. Im basically working on improvising to the given key, if someone was jamming in C id want to be able to rock up with some sweet melodies straight outta the old box of C. Anyway what else is good to learn to improvise, at the moment im thinking accoustically, not shred solo's. I just want stuff to learn tha twill help me with that.

Thanks alot