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Am I the only person in the world who doesnt love these guitars? Seriously all my friends like adore them. I think they have a boring design shape that is overused waaaaay to much by way too many companies, and the sound is pretty average IMO.
Anyone else agree?
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yea im not a fan of the sound too much. I like the shape (though i prefer it in something other than the classic sunburst colour). I'd wack in some duncans or somethin, maybe some actives. Then id like em a lot
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les pauls are the best! in my opinion. i think they look and sound amazing and they are the most cormftable guitars ive ever played
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les pauls are the best! in my opinion. i think they look and sound amazing and they are the most cormftable guitars ive ever played

comming from the biggest slash fan XD

nah not a fan either , , their sound is unappealing and coz their over used
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les pauls are the best! in my opinion. i think they look and sound amazing and they are the most cormftable guitars ive ever played

Oh god they are horrible!, the neck is thicker then thick and not to mention they weigh about 8234234 lbs, there goes my back! I'll take an Sg any day thank you very much, same sound if not nicer, faster neck, better looks, and light as a feather = D
im playing an epiphone lp at the moment, its been mod shopped out so basically the only original material left is the wood. maybe the nut too, i dont remember.... gibson as a brand are supposed to be going down hill these days anyways, theyre putting up their prices whilst letting their value lagg. sucks really, but a lot of my mates are thinking that top of the line epi's are better than most standard gibsons....

anyways, thats kinda off the rails here.... yeah, i prefer the really sexy 80s soloist-style guitars like the vintage kramers, jacksons, bc richs and ibanez. although they barely exist anymore what with it being 2008 n all. but yeah, lp's arent my favourite shape. theyre used so often its basically expected, which is fairly disappointing.
The LP shape is overused? Yeah, because I never see hordes of shred-heads playing Ibanez 80s-style guitars at the music shop

If you don't like the sound that's fine, but consider Les Pauls for what they are - they're primarily a blues/blues rock guitar, and so that's the sound they have. They were never built with metal in mind so if you like that sound, you're out of luck.

Doesn't make them bad guitars though.
They sound and play brilliantly, but i find them quite bulky, not heavy, but you can't really jump around whith one.

Great guitars, but I prefer super strats.
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Ridiculousy overrated due to Page/Slash bandwagon. There's nothing special about them at all. I might pay £400 for one but no more than that.
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whenever i reach for a guitar, i allways reach for my les paul... they're just nice to play...
you can soo just around with them

ive seen countless guitarists doing full on guitar swings with them and **** like that lol.

they can easily do metal.
depends on your taste in music. i bought a LP standard about 10 years ago when i was very much into gary moore and stuff like that. now my style is much more laid back and strats and teles suit me better.

doesn't make the LP a bad guitar, however. just not my thing anymore.
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gibson les pauls have thick necks, yes. my LTD has a very thin one, and i love it.

i ve got a les paul with a really thin neck. there are les pauls with thick and thin necks
Les Pauls are defininently the best looking guitars.

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i think that your "friends" are those kids who adore the les paul cause you see les pauls everywhere mainly made popular on mtv cause of slash and zakk wylde. But i have to agree that they are very nice guitars, and beautiful. With that being said, i would rather prefer picking up an SG or something way lighter because lp's are bricks, sure i like to work out at the gym, but having that lp putting on like 500 lbs on my thank you.
I love les pauls! I own a custom silverburst and it looks, sounds and feels amazing. Its fkn heavy tho lol but the custom neck is lovely, not too fat like a 50's and not a wimpy little 60's neck that shouldnt be on a les paul in the first place! But yeh, I'm pretty bored with the usual sunburst thing, looks very generic, thats why I went with the rarer and cooler silverburst hehe ;D
you cant bash gibsons and fenders (sry for mentioning). they are all that is now. fender have a bolt on neck... gibson have teh set neck whixh are the most commom used. fender have a 6 in line machineheads.... gibson have 3 and 3..... the idea started from there....... fenders introduced single coils.... gibson made the humbucker famous.... fender made the maple fretboard famous... gibson made the rosewood and ebony ones famous .... fender made the tremolo idea... gibson teh famous tunomatic... there is no other guitar today that doesnt have these charatertics of these brands.. they are everything electric guitars for me
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I think that the stratocaster is more overused than the LP.
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I love Les Paul-shapes over any other guitars, not that that means that I love Gibson, because I don't. I love the design on them, the best ones are the Esp Eclipses.
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... but you can't really jump around whith one.
Yeah you can, no problem. Admittedly they are heavier than a fair few other makes but they are easy to fling around.

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I think that the stratocaster is more overused than the LP.
Some people use Les Pauls.

Others would rather not.

This is ok.
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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. My modded Epi LP has a 60's neck (still considered thick) and is heavy, but it's also one of the more comfortable guitars for me to play...that's GOOD design. The LP tone is INCREDIBLE for some music, but it's not suited for ALL types of music. Apparently it does not suit you now...but opinions can change.
Yeh, they are waaay overused etc, Never tried one but still...
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good god! RME @ all the les paul hate. yes i understand that they're heavy and uncomfortable to some, but everyone has a different preferance when it comes to comfort. I for one, can't play any kind of lightweight strat after becoming accustomed to the heavy feel of a LP hanging from my neck. any other guitar just feels like a joke!

...but once again it's all subjective to the player. TS stop critisizing people for their preference.
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i think the old les pauls, like the 53's look the best.. there not bad.. i only own a les paul and a ibanez rg 370 but im a lefty so its harder to find the ghuitars i want.. i would kill for a v or dimebag guitar.. and find it cheap enough.. maybe thats my problem :P
I just confused about why this thread was even started who gives two $#%#$ that you don't like Les Pauls? Nobody is making you play one, why waste your time bashing them.
I certainly don't think of a Les Paul when I think of a guy with a can of hairspray in his Bon Jovi hairdo shredding. There are guitars that I don't like but guess what? I'm not buying them and I dang sure am not going to obsess over trashing them on the internet. Why don't you find a guitar that YOU love and make a thread about how awesome it is. Nuff said.
I'm really tired of Les Paul's getting ripped for no reason. The over usage argument is BS. Just because they're heavy and you don't prefer thick necks doesn't mean its bad. I for one happen to like the thick necks.
personally until i come across a better guitar i'll say les paul is my fav type of guitar.
Its my favourite because its simply very comfortable to play, i find with a strat i have to have it raised up high on the strap for it to feel comfortable whereas a les paul i can have it lower and it still feel comfy.

Also for the record les pauls arent always heavy things. I got a gibson les paul studio and its actually lighter than my fender strat because the les paul is chambered and the strat aint.

As far as sound quality goes i like them cos of the humbuckers, which give the sustain and power that i prefer, however it is sometimes a problem because when playing clean it can still sound slightly overdriven. Thats about the only thing id fault les pauls on, well that and the high price of les pauls!!!
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I love my new agile LP copy. It has the slim neck which is a lot more playable than the gibson and epis I played which had pretty thick necks. I play mostly blues rock and classic rock type stuff and the LP is perfect when I need a little heavier sound than my strat delivers. Honestly I'm not sure which one I like better. They both have their own applications and both play very well and sound good.
I for one love em. Great guitars Great sound great neck. just great
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Some people use Les Pauls.

Others would rather not.

This is ok.

^ This man speaks the truth.
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I used to call them acoustic-electrics because of the shape, lol. I've learned to like them though, but I don't think they're "extra-ordinarily better" than other guitars... I prefer my Squier Strat, or my favorite: SGs.
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The only downside I've found with them, is the weight.

maybe I'm just weak though...
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