This is has been an ongoing problem that hasn't really affected me... But it has kind of limited my tone.
In my LTD MD-500, for some reason when I turn the high pot (I think thats the term) up, there's a fuzzing that comes through the amp and when I touch the magnets in the pick-ups, it turns into either a loud fuzz or an unbearable screeching noise.

I know that your initial response would be "Grounding Problem" but the local guitar tech guy opened her up and said that there was no problem with the grounding that he could see, but he didn't want to dig too deep into it because he was not familiar with the model... er somthing.

So I came to ask UG Whats wrong with my bass? Does the local guitar tech suck?

If you need any more info, I'll edit here and I thank you in advance for any helpful replies.
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1- Your tech does suck.

2- That's an odd one, but it might be a microphonic pickup. Does the screeching sound like feedback? Is it worse closer to your amp, as feedback would be? (I see from your kitlist you've got a fairly beefy amp). If it's microphonic, you could find a pup specialist, and get it re-potted; or send it back to ESP if it's in warranty.