ive manage to find an 80s destroyer lyk smiths from maiden so whats every one thing about thses guitars how much are they worth? are they good?
I have a Ibanez Destroyer, got it almost 3 years ago for $220 Used, Definately worth buying for a low price, if it's over 350 or something like that, don't buy, go buy a ESP and put EMG's on it
i picked one off of ebay for 265 australian, best guitar i love it so much, im planning on restoring it to mint condition
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there was this one destroyer at my local store, the owner gave up halfway trying to scallop the neck, I could get it for 100 bucks, but I had no cash It wasn't all bad, I could get my friend to finish the scalloping works for me for free, but god dammit, it was a good guitar.
Depending on the model, it could be worth over 350. I remember there was a three pickup floyd-esque Destroyer on eBay in mint condition. That would be worth maybe 500-600.
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^ DT-555 is the three pickup one, and in mint condition it could easily pull a grand.

An 80s DT would vary. Say, DT-50s are fairly cheap as they're made from wood shavings left over from something like DT-450s, which are consequently real vintage fare and as a result expensive. More info would help to identify it.
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