I love picks gust to say but this one thing pisses me off. I KEEP LOSING THOSE DAMN things. i bought about 500 in the last year and now i only have about 13... not kidding i think my friends are ripping of with my pick this is to damn annoying. problem is there are only 2 guitarist that ever come to my house and they rarely come there and my picks seem to vanish at a steady pace......
where the hell can they be??????????????????????????????????????????
hey think of it this way: if you lose them in your room, when you move youl find like 300 of them! :P
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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

yeah, that tends to happen to me too. ill be playing and then for some reason ill drop it in like a clear open space, purple pick on brown carpet, and its like it vanishes once it hits the floor. i honestly think there are such things as pick gnomes, that come out whenever a pick isnt being used, and take them when they get a chance, just my theory
hahaha, I know what you mean, I'm constantly buying jim dunlop 1mils, and I lose them in a flash, I recenlty moved into a new house, and during the move out, I found about twenty picks in the most retarded locations, places I could've sworn I'd looked, mostly aroudn where I kept my guitar stands, but it was so ridiculous, just tear your room to pieces if you're getting real frustrated, it seems to work.
Here's what you do.
1. Get a trout.
2. Bring trout everywhere you go.
3. Problem solved.

Seriously, I wouldn't **** with a guy who is randomly carrying a trout.

Idea : When you drop one, look for it rather than picking up another one.
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It's worse when you keep them all in a little box as not to lose them when not in use, and the little box randomly disappears.

I've made a point to trace my picks out on every spare timezone card I get, just so I have backups to cut out.
keep them in ure case and only use one, just keep it in the same place, like have ure one and the others are spares, that way ure not as careless with them

has anyone ever lost something completely unlosable, like recently i lost a whole years woth of sheet music that i get from lessons, it never leaves the house except when i go to lessons and i didt leave it there....wtf, where could it be? :S
you guys are, needless to say, SILLY! i have been using the same pick for over two years! not the same brand, THE SAME EXACT PICK!
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Hence why I use these

You use acoustic guitar strings to strum your guitar strims? ;o Pro right there.
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I keep half of mine in an iPod box in my draw near my desk, and the other half in a clear plastic wallet in my gig bag. Seems to work for me.

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i honestly think there are such things as pick gnomes, that come out whenever a pick isnt being used, and take them when they get a chance, just my theory

so do i
but yeajust dont lose them keep one pick and the rest as spares then leave that one pick under the e string at the first fret. then the next time you pick up your guitar your pick is laready there!
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Well, if you're morbidly obese they could be within your flesh..

Go go subway.
I lose them too...They are probably all over the place...its hard to find a purple pick on blue carpet...then again they are thick enough to be seen imo...its weird
Are you constantly tired of losing picks?
Did you recently buy a bunch, and then not know where they went?
Do you ever think that someone, or something could be stealing them?
Well, maybe this will explain everything!

Newscenter 2 launched an investigation into, Where the Picks Go!!
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i had over 30
and i cant find the one i need
only got one of this dunlop 0.88 but i need the 1.14 but i cant find it aaaaaaah!
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i always lose all my picks until there is one left.
then i keep that one a month, it breaks

i move to finger picking, buy more, then i go back to ^
I keep mine in a watch box. I have at least 20 different picks but only about 7 of the variety I use and they always go missing. I think my pick gnome is attracted to green.
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I always lose mine too. I usually play guitar sitting down beside my computer, and I have the tower on the floor underneath my desk. Whenever I drop one, as I invariably do, it won't be found for weeks until I accidentally shift something and spy it. I seriously don't know how it ends up two feet away from where I had it. Damn things. I lost my favourite green one too
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I lose mine often, I think my dad takes them. It's quite annoying 'coz I buy them as souvineirs
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My first pick was alive, it always came back to me. Once I lost it at a friends house and found it a couple of days later outside my door (shut up, I didn't loose it there). I finally lost it inside my amp when it was all worn down.

Now I keep my picks in a tic-tac box, they taste and smell like wildberries. Highly recommended
I'm going to need more aswell, when I accidentally drop it on a carpet, it absolutely vanishes. Ususally, I eventually find it, but I agree with webbtje; Picksies exist.
I've been using the same dunlop 2 mm for about a year now.
My girlfriend made me a ceramic box a few months ago, and I loved it, but couldn't figure out what to do with the damn thing.

A few hours later, lo and behold...
I have a ton of guitar picks on me at all times. They have endless utility.

I live with two other guitarists, too, so I'm never short.