so i was browsing the marshall selection of marshalls and found this amp

question: is this head all tube? because then it would be worth it. the site says something about ECC83 clean channel but nothing about the dirty side. it has a cd input which is discouraging because that USUALLY means its solid state.

anybody play one?
have one?
seen one?
tell me about it
no. its a hybrid. there are worse amps out there but for the price there are many, many better amps available, particularly if you go for a combo rather than a half stack.
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For all functional purposes it's a solid state amp. It simply has single tube on the preamp side to add warmth (which is something I really don't quite get because hybrids almost never push enough plate voltage to a tube to really make it sound good).
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cool thanks thats what i figured
i would rather get a randall hybrid anyways