Poll: Is Dames Rocket a decent name?
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8 25%
13 41%
11 34%
Voters: 32.
Sounds better than fun run :\
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I'm no expert but i think this might be the wrong forum. Theres a dedicated thread in somewhere that i cant remmber the name of.......

On another note. I think its ok. Although tbh the name isn't the be all and end all of the band. Its the music
Quote by WeezerRocksHard
its not supposed to have an apostrophe. its actually supposed to have the motorhead dots on it also. the o in rocket it is.

So is Dames the type of rocket? Like, "Oh that? It's a Dames rocket."

I know proper grammar went out in the late 80s with the advent of the internet, but reading that as a non possessive makes me want to hit someone.
and btw ö is pronounced "errr"

so; dames rerrrcket

change it to 'james röcket" sounds kinda scandinavian
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It's a great name if you're the 80's version of The White Stripes. Otherwise, No. Emphatically.
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Quote by mrjimborinsane
and btw ö is pronounced "errr"

yeaps gots to be careful with the little dots rerrcket doesnt make much sense. TBH i don't think its all that good but idk maybe it some type of hidden meaning only known to you.
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