Hey, my band is slowly forming and we are gna compose ou own songs but i need some advice coz i'm new to this.

1) is this amp good enough for small gigs?: X Brand X 25R Amp: 75w
2) do u need a manager or record label to record at a studio?
3) how can one find a manager or record label?
4) is epiphone good enough as a guitar for gigs?

help will be apreaciated
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1. If it sounds good and it's loud it's fine. Quite often venues mike the amps to the P.A. anyway.

2. No. A lot of studios will do it without. As you're still quite a small band, you should be fine without. My band have been going for 2 years, recorded stuff and gigged several times and we still don't have a manager or label.

3. I can't remember what it's called, but there is a book you can get which is like a directory of everyone in the business.

4. Yes.
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I'd want more then 75 watt for a gig, but it'll work. Also a lot of epiphones are more then good enough for gigs, My chemical romance, heart, and a few other bands play live and record with nothing but epiphone. And I've had an epiphone les paul classic for a while, and I've yet to play a better guitar, I've played a couple gibson, jackson, and schecter, and they weren't that close. Though the people who had them had them set up weird.
For starters, if you plan on writing songs, I'd seriously step up the spelling and grammar a bit. Even if we say "no thats not good enough" does that mean you will run out and buy a new expensive guitar and amp. No you don't need a manager or a record label to record at a studio, thats kind of a weird conclusion to draw. As long as you can offer money to a studio they will gladly record you.
ok thanks alot you were all very helpful (and the guitar thing was just to ask your advice, i have an epiphone firebird and les paul classic)