Hey I'm a new guitar player and have been learning on my friends Rickenbacker (picture below) for a month or so now. In a previous post I talked about getting used to other neck widths as the Rickenbacker has a small nut width.

In this one I want to ask about the small piece of metal that covers the strings at the base right after the last pick up. I've made it a habit to rest my hand on there some times. When trying out other guitars I habitually do this and mute strings. When I get a new guitar should I put one of those guards on it or learn to play without one. Are there benifits to learning to be comfortable without one?


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If there is any benefit, it's entirely subjective. I find it easier to mute strings with the help of my picking hand palm and so far I haven't noticed any deficits in my playing as a result of it.

I don't think you'll need to - the only side effect of resting your palm on the bridge is you may rub out any paint (if there is any) on the bridge.
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