i bought a Gibson SG Standard about 10 years go, loved it, but dont have it anymore and was thinking about buying another one but i keep reading that their guitars have gone down in quality.

any details, time line, things to remember, etc

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Basically, they are hit or miss. One day you'll find one that kills. The next few will play like crap and have something wrong. If you get a good one, they'll kill about anything similar. Problem is, they are few and far between. The company is also down there with Ed Roman in credibility and up there with him in terms of sleaze.
I have noticed quite a lot of the Gibsons that I've looked at were less than stellar in their quality. This was a shock to me considering the amount of money they go for at the stores. HOWEVER, I'm laying more and more of the blame on the retailer's that they're given to. Guitar Center for instance, I find more nicked, neglected, and distressed guitars than any other store I've been to (Sam Ash being the next biggest culprit). They also have more guitars in need of a setup than any other place I've been to. I put blame partially to their fairly open "pick up and play" policy, but also it seems they refuse to do any work on a guitar unless someone's paying for it. In comparison, a few of the smaller, privately owned stores, either take the time to handpick the guitars that go into their stock, and/or perform setups on the stock immediately after it's been received in. Many will still perform a setup for free after the purchase as well. It's these places that will see the most of my business.

My point: Put in consideration the place that you're getting the guitar from, NOT just the manufacturer.
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I think a lot of it is down to the quality of wood not being as good as it used to be. In the late 90's gibson got a lot of stick for their quality control, they pulled their finger out in 2002 when they revamped the Les Paul and stepped up the quality control. Personally I wouldnt have a problem buying a new Gibson. To be honest though I'd go for something from the 80's coz I think a lot of the guitars made then are awesome.
alright, thanks yall
08 Wine Red Gibson Les Paul Studio