depends, fingers for classical (fingerpicking) pick for everything else. fingers are too quiet on my electric
fingers on acoustic, picks on electric, usually stick to that, unless its something on acoustic thatl sound better and easier with a pick, or if im hybrid picking on electric
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Picks on Guitar and fingers for bass
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pick for electric except when i want to do some fingerstyle on the electric or i want thelead to sound very thin.... and fingers for acoustic fingerstyle or sumthin like that :P
Picks on electric and for strumming, fingers for fingerstyle and classical guitar. Simple, eh?

It's good to be good with both a plectrum and proper fingerpicking. (p i m a)
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Pick mostly, classical I'll try out fingers, but that is a technique I really need to work on.
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I have carpal tunnel in my right hand... using fingers is very uncomfortable, especially with heavier bass strings.
Both, depending on what I'm playing. If I need a walking bass line, it's fingers. If I need lead phrasing, pick.
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just curious on ur take.... so fingers or pick.... pick here....

well i personally use a pick. but with strumming i tend to use my fingers more. i tend to do a bunch of downstroke type "slaps" with my fingers when strumming. that or ill just hide my pick in my hand or put it somewhere and use my whole hand for strumming. that way i get smoother chords, warmer tone, and more a percussive sound. but im not very good with soloing with my fingers. i USED to be. i used to have the same style as wes montgomery where i only use my thumb. but now i use a pick and lost my ability to solo with my fingers.

but honestly if you grew your nails and had proper technique, you could play just the same as with a pick. just look at paco de lucia. so either is cool.

except bass lol. im not a fan of bass players using picks. some faster songs i might understand. but even then ive seen people play fast bass without a pick. fingers give a better tone imo.
Same as Goolz. I use a thumb-pick most of the time, so I can play a walking bass line and treble notes as well. Just a standard blues technique. When I wanna play something harder, I'll use some thick picks.
And when playing acoustic, fingers almost all the time, and when playing slide guitar, fingers only.
I use my fingers to hold my pick
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