hello everybody........
i have been playing bass guitar for about 1,5 year now and i want to buy a new bass guitar.so i did my research and i think that i am going to buy the Ibanez SRX750 'cause i wanted a 5 string bass not to expensive(this costs about 750 euro and in dollars i think it is 730 or 770)and to have a great sound.
this is the bass http://www.thomann.de/gr/ibanez_sr705_tk.htm
but two days ago i found a new bass that i think is kinda cool but i don't know anything about the sound.(i know from the reviews that SRX has a great sound)so heres is the other bass http://www.thomann.de/gr/fender_mexjazz5black.htm.

i am almost sure that i 'll buy the ibanez but i was always into Fenders and i don't know if i should rethink about what bass should i buy.the only think that i don't know about the Fender if the Fender Mexican has a good sound as a Fender American. plz help me!!!!!
Agreed. You should ALWAYS try out a guitar for the feel of it before you buy it.

And if you're paying in dollars, a €750 guitar is going to come up to at least $1000. The exchange rate is horrible.
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Ya go and try them both out but ive played the fender and its a sweet bass and its a good price at that
I'm kinda a Fender fanboy, to be honest. But I did not like the Jazz V's neck.

Also consider the fact that Fender has passive electronics and pick-up, while the Ibanez features active electronics, and pick-ups. So both basses will sound very different, but both will be quite versatile. Personally, I do perfer the classic Jazz bass sound over a the more modern sound.

Like every one else said, go try them.
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They're both quality basses, but very different in terms of sound and feel. You'll get a decent bass either way.
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**** dude that ibanez looks effing sweet

Looks don't matter... a lot. Its the sound and feel that matters most.
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They're both quality basses, but very different in terms of sound and feel. You'll get a decent bass either way.

Agreed, it all comes down to your style and tone preferences.

Eye say fender!!!!!
thnx guys i'll check both basses.....
i heard that the Fender mexican bass will not have a good sound as the Ibanez because it costs less but even if i buy that it would not have a sound like a Fender American because its totally different bass(because of the woods and the electronics......)so i think i am going to buy the Ibanez......
Well if you want it to sound like a Jazz bass then you'll want the jazz bass - they don't sound a whole lot different to the MIA Fenders whereas the Ibanez is its own beast. But I'd be more concerned about the difference in feel. The Ibby has a very different feeling neck to the Fender.
You guys jump the gun on the "play before you buy" thing too quickly. I always think of these questions as more of "If you were me, what would you buy?" as opposed to just "What should I buy?"

If I were you, I would purchase the Ibanez. For one, even though I love Fender, I am not a fan at all of their five strings, they've never felt comfortable to me. If that Fender sound is what you're looking for, though, then it will sound comparable to an American made Fender Jazz. A far as the sound difference between the basses, that wouldn't concern me much. I've rarely played a bass that I couldn't EQ to sound exactly how I need it to. Another couple of factors to think about is the Ibanez is active, it has slightly smaller frets, and SoundGears have very smooth and fast necks (Jazz basses do too, but like I said, Fender 5 strings don't feel comfortable).

My .02 cents, for that price, you're going to get a very playable instrument no matter what you get, there's no real wrong decision, but I would get the Ibanez.