Gonna' get a Fender Jag, but is it noticeably longer/shorter than other guitars? Id on't know how to find out what the scale is, as my Squier is 32 inches long, does that mean the jag will be 5 inches shorter or is it like as scaled down version of inches?! HELP!
Erm, scale is from bridge to nut, average fender scale is about 25.5" (Yes same with your squier) fender jag scale is 24".
An LPs scale is 24.75" i do believe.

Its hardly that much shorter.

Read this if youre seriously consiering a jag.
I gotta Squier Jagmaster. The difference is slight, you'll hardly notice the shorter scale, other then you'll have a bit more reach. If you have really big hands, you might find them a little cramped.
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I'll never forget the first and only time I've played a Jag. I was chatting with the local music shop bloke saying how much I fancied one, and he said "you won't like the bridge." He convinced me to try a MIJ surf green (or one of those light blue colours- i forget) one he had in stock- and he was right, I knocked it out of plonk within minutes. Kinda made me sad! Its good to see its remedied with relative ease though.

As for the scale length, I didnt even notice- and I play a Strat. Although I did notice it on the les pauls and SG's I've played- which is weird!