Fading Away
The feeling deep inside, thats manifested withing me. Has brought me to my knees, for the very last time. For in these words, lie my pain and sorrow for I can't withstand the pain any longer. As my words become clearer, reality becomes a shadow. Grey foreshadows the sky and blue outcasts the darkness of space. As the recollection of my past conspires to consume me, I alter my perception of reality. All things become invisible, floating freely in a vacuum of white emptiness. The pain subsides for a moment, as the blood runs down my arms. The razor parts the sky as I breath in and enjoy the forthcoming consequence of relief. rainbow colors fill my vision as my soul begins to fade. I plunder on my future for where and what will become. This powder in my nose and cuts along my veins, will hopefully show someone why I was in so much pain.

Reality is no part of me, so says my brain. Body cold, broken and numb of pain. People see right through me as I can see there soul. Life is no longer worth the effort I have given it over and over again. So I fade into that dark, cold and painless happy place where all things cease to exhist. I see a mirror and my reflection is dark and scary. So as I sober, I begin to cry, because my happy place is gone, no more blow. So scared of reality and the pain that follows. I take a last stand and put a bullet through my head.
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