I'm looking to buy a les paul standard, preferrably one before '02 (heavier). I want pick ups that give more of a pure vintage tone...geat pick response, great note clarity, thick, & creamy. I play a early model jcm900 4100, so I already have the gain and I don't think I need high output pickups. I wish I could get some original PAF's but, I doubt that will happen so I'm looking at gibson classic 57 plus or Seymour Duncan Antiqutiy. If anybody has any input on these pick ups or any others that might achieve this sound, please let me know.
What's your price range?

I'd probably just go to www.highorderpickups.com and get a customized set.

Really great prices and very high quality.
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I don't think Gibsons are worth is. A set of Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59's would set you right.

On the other hand, High Order is a good suggestion.

I'll also put in a word for our local pickup winder, CorduroyEW. His website is rockmonkeyguitars.com. He makes his pickups completely with vintage correct materials. He can help you find that tone in your head.
Also, he gives a 10% discount to UGers.