I wanna change the stock pickups in my epiphone g-400....i've heard great things about the 81/85 zakk wylde set. I was also considering putting in the the 60 instead of the 85 in the neck. has anyone tried this? Do they work well together? Better than the 81/85 possibly? Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be appreciated!!!
The 60 is a different kettle of fish than the 85, much smoother and better at cleans.

What amp do you play through?
i heard that emg's dont work well through a solid state amp, which i have, is there any truth to that?
i only play through a marshall mg-100 combo for now, which is actually being repaired!!!
I'll say what everyone thinks: Get a new amp first man. I'm sorry but MG's... well they're... maybe someone else has the heart to tell you what the general opinion is about MG's.
yeah i've heard that they aren't that great, after I received the amp as a gift of course. I'm relatively new to the guitar world as I've recently gotten more into playing, I had been an on and off player for a few years, so I'm just looking for some good advice.
They work fine with solid state amps... thats all ive ever used them through with no trouble, maybe not the best tone ever but its not terrible if you've got your settings figured out.

EDIT: i dont know why everyone ****s on MG's so much. They aren't a gigging amp thats for sure but the MG-30 with the CD input is a nice practice amp.
EMG's are designed to work with tube amps - they drive the front end of the tube amp hard.
Not ideal for a solid state. People **** on MG's here because, often times, people are looking to change their tone, because they don't like it. If you don't like your tone, chances are it's the amp.

If you want to change your tone, focus on getting a new amp. Ask around here, once you get some money.
Obviously it all depends on who you ask. Most people would probably agree that EMG's sound at their best through a $1000+ tube amp. But that's not an option for everyone. The question is, are they worth getting if you have a cheap practice amp?

I'd say no. I think passives will do you a lot more good until you get a higher end amp. In my opinion EMG's can sound good if you have really professional equipment, otherwise it'll just sound poor, compressed and crackling. Although in my opinion, passive pickups are a whole lot more dynamic and organic sounding than EMG's anyway, but if you're big on detuned metal then maybe they'll give you what you want. But it'll take a good amp.
I have 81/60 EMG pickups on my ESP Eclipse. Depends if you are planning on playing alot of cleans and distortion. They do work well if thats what you're after. If you're looking more for distortion go with 81/85 or check out 81/81. It's personal preference in the end. Check out their website if you want more information.
thanks alot for the input guys, i was considering getting a better amp, i might do that
Whats so bad about 81/81?

...or check out 81/81.

Oh no... please don't.
Whats so bad about 81/81?

Quote by mfkr
...or check out 81/81.

The 81 is one of the most high output bridge pickups you can find, it has all the qualities you DON'T want in a neck pickup. It's screechy, angular, compressed and undynamic. Besides, if you already have one in the bridge position, why not get a neck pickup that sounds different so you could be more versatile (aswell as, well, having a neck pickup that sounds like a neck pickup).
Get some seymour duncans, there awesome passive pickups and not totally over priced, theres plenty to choose from too.
Besides how would you fit a 9v battery in the back of an SG since emgs are active?