So I'm downloading The Mars Volta's Yahoo Live Set through a torrent.

The torrent client program thing I'm using is utorrent. (the first letter isn't actually a u, it looks similar though.)

The ETA, which I'm assuming stands for estimated time left, or something similar, is fluctuating between 1 week and 4 1/2 weeks.

Is it supposed to take that long?! This is the first torrent I've ever downloaded, so I don't really know.

Well how big is the file?

Most likely not normal, I'm guessing your ports aren't forwarded properly.

µtorrent is the best client.

Next time, use the only torrenting thread.
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']Well how big is the file?

Most likely not normal, I'm guessing your ports aren't forwarded properly.

µtorrent is the best client.

Next time, use the only torrenting thread.
Oh, I didn't realize there was one.

I can't find where it says the file size.

It wasn't so large that I would think it would take 2 weeks.

And, what's a "port"?

I have absolutely no experience with this.
the last thing I torrented took 3 days...
like everyone else said...it depends on file size, connection speed, download speed, computer specs etc...
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How many seeds/peers are there? Do you have a very low uploadspeed perhaps?
And if your ISP is Comcast you're pretty much screwed.
the last thing i torrented was 60mb took 8 minutes, i've had better luck doing it on Linux rather than Windows
how can you not see how large the file is?! it says clearly 'Size'...and its downloading at 0.1kb/s so it will take ages
No. It shouldn't take long. It just means that the authorities have intercepted your download and should be contacting you soon.
You are downloading at 0.1kbps. Yup, your ports need to be forwarded.

Sadly I can't help you with that.
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1 seed 3 peers

that means that 3 ppl are getting it from that 1 person

so theres your problem

nice background btw
Was it originally on yahoo website? If its still there, there are much easier ways to download it and convert it on your pc.
There are VERY little people who have this file, so downloading will take a LONG while. And ports are... ports where your internettraffic goes through. When surfing to a website, it goes to your computer through port 80. FTP goes through port 21, and so on. If you have a router you'll likely have to 'forward' those ports to your computer. Bittorrent (µTorrent) uses ports 6890 to 6899. Port forwarding should be in your manual or on the internet.
Ive been downloading Toxic Narcotics discography for a good 2 weeks now >_< Gotta love the crap connection in my dorms.
But I downloaded the new BTBAM in about 5 minutes.
I can't see the link right now cuz I am on my blackberry, but most wesites use flash video. Google "how to download flv files " and you'll get an idea.
Well, there's two things that are causing that to be so slow. Number one is only 1 seeder connected, and number two is your ports aren't forwarded like some have already said. To forward your ports on your router, go here...


First select your router from the list, then on the next page find the program you want to forward the ports for. In this case, it will be uTorrent. After that, simply follow the step-by-step guide. If you need any more help, feel free to PM me.
Yeah thats pretty much never going to download.

Has anyone else downloaded a whole TV series a few episodes at a time? I almost got the whole Stark Trek original series. It would have been 10 gigs if I downloaded it all at once. It probably would have taken like a month, to.
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