We all get writer’s block, it’s a fact. Even the best writers suffer from it, but there are ways to beat it, perversely the best way to prevent it in the first place is to keep going, even if what you are writing is crap you can always edit it. We all write stuff that is bad, I cringe sometimes when I read some of the things I’ve written in the past especially the stuff from my early teens. But there is always something to be learned from even your very worst writing, look at what you have written and say how would I do this differently? Would I ever use this line again? Is this Idea worth developing? These are all techniques that will help to prevent your writers block in the future. Some of these tactics are designed to help you once you’ve got Writer’s Block while others are designed to stop you getting it in the first place.
I write fiction (novels mostly) and I find that if I listen to the same kind of music when I start writing it sometimes helps to get me going. Another trick (this works very well with novel writing but I don't know about poetry/lyrics) is to read some of your old material beforehand. I usually read at least four or five pages of my novel before I start writing again to pick up the threads and get myself in the right frame of mind.

Also PLAN. plan it all to hell, over plan it so that whatever you're writing is falling out of your ears and nostrils. I only use about 1/10th of the stuff I write down in planning/keep in my head but it means I have a fuller understanding of things and have a better grounding for what I am doing. Write down everything you can think of to do with whatever you’re trying to write and then pick and choose what worse and the save the rest. You never know when an idea might be useful. On the subject of this keep a notebook or twelve. I’ve lost count of the number on notebooks I have kicking around my house with ideas, random thoughts, and things I’ve heard/seen written in them. We’ve all been out on a bus or something like that and seen something that at the time amuses/irritates/confuses us. Write that down. Otherwise you will forget it, once it is down on paper you can make use of it. I even keep a dictaphone next to my bed so that if I have a random idea in the night I can record it without scrabbling around for a pen and paper in the dark.

And if you get writer’s block in spite of all your planning, just write any old thing to start with. it makes no difference if it is pure unadulterated steaming horse poo. you can always chuck it later and just use the good bits of what you wrote and then hammer those into some kind of shape that you like.

Also read. Read books, poetry, literary criticism, newspapers, watch a good film or TV series whatever you can get your hands on. Good lyrics should read like good poetry because that's all lyrics are. Poetry put to music, so read around get a feel for what other people are doing and then start to apply those Ideas to your own work I recommend ‘The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner’ or a bit of Edgar Allen Poe, both writer’s works are often referenced by modern metal bands. Samuel Taylor Coleridge might have been a raving Opium addict but the man could certainly write. If you find a phrase, word or Idea that you like take a look at it and expand upon it. For example there is a word that is largely redundant in modern English but has survived in poetry for the last few hundred years, the word 'darkling'. I took this word and wrote all the ideas I could think of to do with this word such as what it could mean, what it sounds like, it's implications, the images it evokes and then managed to get a three stanza, eighteen line poem out of it. Or you can simply do something that gives you an experience, go to a party, a rave in a field, if you indulge in mind altering substances then take a few (just don’t rely on them all the time, that leads to writing that is either incomprehensible or clichéd) the more life experience you have the more you will have to write about and the less you will get writer’s block.

If any of these methods do not work for you try something else, different things work for different people. So experiment, see what works for you, but if one way stops working for whatever reason do not be afraid to change your tactics for beating writers block. For example I used to listen to a band called Lumsk when I had writers block to try to shift it, but after a while began to associate it with not being able to write, so I changed the band I listen to, to what I'm currently using as my "anti writer's block band" which is Apocalyptica.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention so get inventing. be creative in your methods of getting over writer's block and you will encourage creativity in other areas as well.
i like the idea of the drugs but really, it's a decent piece and well written but i have read most of this before. but i'm sure there's someone who hasn't so good work.

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