Having come to the point where I'm hankering for a new guitar, I've started to peruse the internet, scouring endlessly for the perfect new guitar. Being a seven string player this limits my options a bit, but one guitar that has caught my eye is that of the JEM Universe, mainly due to the fact that if it is good enough for the man himself it must be good enough for me, and for its seeming versatility. Just wanted to know if anyone had used it and if they had any comments about it, how it plays, what you play on it etc etc, and if you potentially recommend alternative seven string guitars around the same price. Thanks.
First off, it's just the universe, the JEM is the six string equivalent with a monkey grip

And there should be nothing wrong, Edge pro 7 bridge (I believe, this or one at the same quality) Evo 7s (again only to my recollection) basswood body.
Though if I was to buy one I'd go for a used one that was a bit more. . colourful than the current market one.