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Only Functionality! I'd by an ugly piece of genious!
4 14%
Rather Functionality! not totally ugly, but still
9 31%
half half
13 45%
Rather Looks! I'd hate looking stupid, but i'm not going for the best looking expesive thing
3 10%
I go for looks! functionality is secondary
0 0%
Voters: 29.
hey everyone.

I was wondering, when you buy something, do you go for functionality or looks? for instance:
when you buy an mp3 player, do you get the sleek looking IPOD, or a simple no-name device that has just as much storage, but looks like the douche you pushed last night?

when you buy a guitar, do you get the sweet Silverburst Les Paul, or the idiotic looking, well, this:

that (let's assume) plays awesomely and sounds great?

or do you go for a middle thing? would you NEVER buy something hideous, even if it works better than other things?
....I like the things that are pretty. Although a few things are so ugly that they're pretty... makes sense to me. Although if it's pretty and useless I pretty much won't have it.
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I'd go to the middle.
A house has to be big, but still nice. No one wants a house with awful painting and pipes popping out of nowhere, even if it's very functional.

Both. I lose interest in playing it if I feel like I'm playing a deform board of wood with strings.
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Well, looks is what everyone notices first, not how well-functioning an item would be.

But if I'm buying something bigger, I tend to scale the alternatives.

So the optimum is of course a good mixture of both.
I want my guitar to look, just br00tal, I lean towards the aesthetic side of things, but I don't want it to be bollocks on the inside. Anyway, I can always update the electricity.
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Wow that guitar is strange. I think if the guitar's beautiful but terrible, it's pointless, but if it's hideous and brilliant, it can be altered to look good =]. Personally I'd go for the hideous brilliant guitar but on a reasonable scale. I mean, if it looks ancient, retro, or something my grandad bought while he was searching Egypt, then it'd be ok. But not if it was something like the crap you get on Guitar Hero e.g. a Leg.
i like pretty things
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the thing is once you start spending money on a good functioning guitar, its gonna look pretty good no matter what. i always look for a guitar that functions better than it looks, even though this is probably the wrong way to look at guitars. its probably better to get a good looking guitar b/c doing upgrades on the functionality are much simpler than changing its look.
Mostly functionality. My winding mp3 player is big and doesn't look too great, but it is really good for going on a long trip or when there's no computer to charge it off.
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