Poll: Russell Band: twat or not?
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Funny Little Pixie, who make me laugh
8 57%
twat with no dress sense or idea of what funny is
3 21%
no idea who this man is
3 21%
Voters: 14.
So, this is going to be a bit interesting...i happen to think he is a f*cking brilliant man; a humorous bloke, with some quite funny anecdotes and jokes and such...

however, i also know people who think he's a complete c*nt...

so lets have a look-see at what people out there thinks...
Best comedian ever. I listen to his show every week and watch everything he does on tv.

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Quote by charvel_man
I think he's pretty funny. His accents are awesome IMO.

this man knows comedy - he has a Garth Marenghi avatar!
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Absolute twat. In fact, even mentioning him is now grounds for a ban.
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