so i have an Ibanez JetKing1 that i absolutly love, but im looking for a replacement pickup that will give a warm, fat, but bright tone

any ideas?
Normally I wouldn't agree with such a remark, but I think he has a point. IMHO Line 6 Spider amps lack a certain warmth.
The standard pickups on a JetKing are pretty decent, try them on a nice tube amp first.

If you still think it needs more warmth after that, try a couple of good replacement Pickups.
I don;t know if the JetkIng1 is the version with soapbar-style pickups, but if So, try finding P90 or P100 pickups from DiMarzio, they should give the guitar a much fatter sound.
If it has regular humbucker routing, go for some mid-output pickups like the DP100, PAF Pro, etc.