Can having a low batterey affect my guitars sustain ? and i mean low as in i have active pickups.

i want to know cause at the moment im trying to figure as to why my tone has lost all its sustain.
^ he means active (battery powered EQ'ing) pickups. I guess there would be some loss of tone? not the actual sustain of the guitar itself.
activei pickups (for example emg 81, 85) pickups which are powered by batteries

im guessing as it effects your overall tone then sustain would be lost
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Yeah pickups do not affect sustain, its the wood, bridge, tuners, workmanship, ...
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hmmmmm, yea, but make sure ur batteries are fully charged (if possible) or replace them (if possible). actually, no one has asked this, what is the sustain like? i mean, roughly how long would whatever ur playin, say a final chord or note sustain for? roughly