Hey fellow musicians.

I have a Gibson Melody Maker and i was trying to adjust the humbucker and the two springs came out. I tried to put them back but the guitar doesn't sound correct as i put in my new Ernie Ball strings.

I put the springs on the two screws and i used a screw driver to tighten them making the springs appear at the top becuase of the force. Is this correct? My guitar doesn't sound any good.

Please help. All comments are much appreciated.

I have included an image of how i tried to assemble the springs back in place on Paint. Here it is:

I think the springs go between the wood and the pickup, through the screw. So they push the pickup up the way...
The springs go between the mounting ring and the metal "ears" of the pickup, not the wood. I honestly can't understand what you mean by the spring coming out on top, but it sounds nasty, so pics?

- edit - oh, saw you're drawing. Yeah that's not the way to do it, I'll. draw something up...
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dont melody makers have single coils?
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They do have singles but use pickup rings according to the pic I looked at. Sounds like you just put the springs in wrong.