Ok so I was looking at Orange amps and I noticed some backwards Strats in the background. What's the point of them? They look absolutely retarded and the higher fret access would be like impossible.
Who would butcher a guitar like that?!?

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Novelty purposes, just like the heart bass next to them, the reverse V, the Hello kitty strats (well they're beginner guitars for young girls, but I'd so want to use one as a novelty guitar).

Noone in their right mind would use it as a serious playing guitar.
haha yeah i saw a review of those in the Guitarist magazine
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and i thought the reverse flying-v was ugly :S
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Yeah, I saw those awhile back. See the backwards Explorer yet?
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^ Lol i c wat u did thar!
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ugh, that red/greenish one is godawful.
not to say that the others aren't, cause they are...
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Gibson makes strats now?

Lol epic
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Gibson makes strats now?

Is this a clever joke, or are you making weird comments here :P?
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