I just got a Peavey Delta Blues off of ebay. The amp shipped with the tubes in a separate box to protect them during shipping. I feel like an idiot for asking this, but I can' t figure out how to put them in. I think I have them lined up right, and they are the correct kind of tubes, but I don't want to break them. How hard should I have to push, and how do the clip things that hang down hold in the tubes?
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i dont know too much about tubes but make sure you put the pre amp and power tubes in the right place and i thought they just clipped in
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Just make sure you line up the keyway on the bottom of the tube. They can only go in 1 way if you line up that keyway. I don't think you can mix up the power and preamp tubes, the power tubes are like twice as big. They will require a little pressure to pop in. Just push straight down not at a angle and you should be fine.
First thing you need to do is look at the tubes. If they say Sovtek or "made in china" on them then throw them away and march right down to the local shop to pick up some Russian made tubes. Then look at the pins and match them up to the sockets and push them in. If in doubt log onto ebay or another place that regularly sells them and look at the pictures. Enjoy the Delta is a great amp!!